Allow Our Criminal Defense Team
To Protect Your Rights

When you face criminal charges, your freedom is at stake. By working with Jarvis Law Associates who are experienced criminal defense lawyers, you can protect your rights and often avoid conviction.

Our defense team investigates the facts, questions witnesses and demands justice, as advocates. In compliance with federal, state laws and constitutions.


If you have been issued a summons to appear or arrested on a criminal complaint or indictment in Pennsylvania, Ohio or the U.S. Virgin Islands there is important information you should first know. Having the right legal counsel to assist and accompany you in court will make all the difference in the outcome of your matter and how you are treated by the court.

Jarvis Law Associates, PC offers services as your criminal defense attorney you can
trust based on years of trial experience and confidence under the emotional and
technical pressures of the judicial process both inside and out of courtrooms.

Retaining Jarvis Law Associates, PC as your advocate begins with consultation and preparation with clients prior to making appearances which “clears the air,” affords you peace of mind and the partner you need.

Whether it is a traffic ticket, a preliminary hearing for DUI or serious felonies involving guns, drugs or crimes of violence, you will be in trusted and competent hands with Jarvis Law Associates, PC.